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  • Edgar Nas

    Edgar Nas

  • Francy Lisboa

    Francy Lisboa

  • Blockchain Board of Derivatives

    Blockchain Board of Derivatives

    The Next Generation Cryptocurrency Trading Platform.

  • Andre Salerno

    Andre Salerno

    I am someone who loves tech, finance, and strategy. I love have chat with anyone that could remove my mind barriers and strives to create new approaches

  • Alex Souza

    Alex Souza

    Mestre em Computação com ênfase em Inteligência Artificial, Especialista em Banco de dados e em Governança de TI. (MTAC | SFPC | DEPC | CCL).

  • Isaiah McCall

    Isaiah McCall

    Blockchain Enthusiast, Former USA Today Journalist, and diehard Trekkie 🖖🏾| Catch me on my publication Yard Couch.

  • Erica Viana Cruz

    Erica Viana Cruz

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